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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

On the 4th day of CNY

"On the fourth day of CNY, my true love sent to me.....pouring rain and a gathering of primary school classmates??"

Rain came pouring down for most of the day today. Made me felt so lazy to go out.....might as well finish off reading Memoirs Of A Geisha at home.

Genting trip was cancelled due to rainy conditions (who wants to go there when it's already friggin cool down here?). Was planning to visit Yu Hui in KL at night but that was cancelled as well. Starting to feel that the CNY spirit is wearing off. With Yu Hui back in KL and Soon Cheng leaving tomorrow, I guess there won't be any more large scale gatherings.

Event of the day was a gathering with some of my primary school classmates from Class of 95, SRJK (C) Ketari. Gosh haven't seen some of them since UPSR. What a surprise it turned out to be when more than 15 of them turned up for the gathering.

Frankly I was kinda worried that it might turn out awkward for us since we hadn't been in touch for ages. But it turned out alright. Luckily had old gal pal Soon Cheng as company. Probably saved me from a few silent moments.

Anyway, it was good to see some of them again. Hope we can stay in touch somehow.



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