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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

God of Gamblers strike again

"On the third day of CNY, my true love sent to angpau of 80 ringgit??"

Played the most nerve racking round of In-Between today with my old gang of friends.

For you n00bs, In-Between is a card game where everyone contributes to a money pool. Each player is then dealt with 2 cards, then they have the option to pick a card from the remaining deck. The card that they pick must be 'between' the original 2 cards, point-wise (hence the name, n00bs).

If the card is out of range, you put back the amount of what you wanted into the pool. Here's the best part: if you pick a card that is the same as either one of the 2 cards you already have, you pay double the amount. We call that 'langgar tiang'. Fun eh.

Starting with a one buck contribution from each of us, the pool gradually grew into a unbelievable amount of 700 over ringgit. It seemed like a black hole which sucked whatever amount we named into it. Unbelievable shitty luck.

Last round was the best. One fella suddenly said he wanted all the money in the pool, which was by then around 300 over ringgit.

And whaddaya know, the brave guy didn't net the goal, but kena tiang instead. time.

In the end everyone was too damn scared to continue playing, so we decided to split the money evenly among us. Since I wasn't one of the big risk takers, the amount I lost was not substantial.

Which meant I actually won some money after the split.

Hahaha...this is what I call short term returns with low capital. Talk about smart investing.


Here's a totally unrelated pic of some new year decorations at home. Cos I like it.


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