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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

He who controls oil controls the world

My introductory post...this is not. I actually did an entry earlier last year which wasn't in my old blog.

But here I am griping on my first real post. I guess I'm pretty pissed (aren't we all, Malaysians?). And the reason is simple: Being a country that exports petroleum, we (as in the citizens) have to bear the brunt of rising oil prices....I wonder where's the logic in that?

According to our PM, the extra revenue from the petrol price rise will be "used mainly to improve transport infrastructure"...I'm just worried for Panjang; he'll probably be out of a job soon, if the gomen keeps true to its word. And are we to expect an LRT system to be set up here in UTM?

A full tank that used to cost 60 bucks now tops up at 70. Sooner or later all of us will be feeling the consequences of this move by Big Bro. There's bound to be a ripple effect, trust me. So don't go laughing if you still don't own anything that runs on hydrocarbons. Everyone...and I mean EVERYONE will SUFFER!!!

I should get myself a bike.

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