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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Degree minus minus

Another stupid move from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering prompted me to do this.

Seems that after a few mindless brainstorming sessions, some dick(s) in the management came up with the idea to make us final year students to take up some short courses. Yes MAKE US, those friggin idiots.

According to them, everyone of us must take up at least 3 short courses offered by SPACE under the UTM Degree++ programme. Since each course would take one weekend to complete, we are going to lose three weekends in total. That's 6 days...gone...just like that. 6 days ain't much but with barely 2 months left til the end of this sem, 6 days is worth a lot. And weekends too.

Some might argue that it's for the good of the students, since these courses will add value to our employability after we graduate. What's that again? Employability? Man I didn't expect UTM to be THAT smart to use a word like that.

Personally, I think some of the courses are ok. But MAKING us register and pay for them? Wtf's wrong with democracy in universities nowadays? I don't think that word's even in use now.

Don't we (the STUDENTS) have a say in university issues like...I dunno, say, DETERMINING OUR OWN MARKET VALUE AND WHETHER WE WANT TO ADD ANYTHING TO IT??

Those who think, hey I totally messed up in my studies, I should take something else so I can at least get some lowly-paid job at a government department, by all means go and register!!! But for the majority of us, we're doing fine (I believe), we don't need any stupid courses that'll burn a hole in our pockets and waste our time. MAKE IT OPTIONAL!!!

I'm thinking there's a conspiracy behind this whole issue. It's like, they're trying to sell us the idea that it's for our own benefit, and the management isn't making any profit out of it. Yeah right. Some time ago, if I'm not mistaken, the universities were asked to come up with their own source of income since the gov would be cutting down on subsidies. I wonder if this is one of their gimmicks to make money so that someone at the top can go to Maui for a vacation.

World class university (and faculty) indeed......


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