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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Photo session with fellow SEL coursemates

Some of my coursemates turned up the other day for a photoshoot at the main lecture hall in front of our faculty. Actually everyone was invited but I guess some people are just too busy to get their faces on film the LCD.

So semangat huh? Well, this might be the last chance for a photo opportunity here so of course we couldn't give it up. Cameras were snapping simultaneously and everybody was posing happily. Here are some of the pics from that day.

Coming from an engineering faculty, no doubt there'd be no shortage of nerds hunks. CLEO made a big mistake by not including us in the eligible bachelors list.

The real gems here are the girls. Check out their random poses. Bunch of POSERS!!

My housemates and I. We've been sharing the same house for 4 years now. And they chose that day to ruin my hair.

This may seem like a happy picture, but in reality the photographer was pointing a gun at us.

Trying to get a bite out of JY, my next room neighbour.

Something for the guys...Engineering babes rock!

On another note, I'm finally done with the final draft of my thesis! Just passed it up a moment ago, hope the supervisor likes it. So, after 11,985 words and 61,454 characters later, I'm officially diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. It's official because I can feel it.

Some of the printed letters were even faded on my BRAND NEW keyboard. I'm just happy it's still in one piece.

Finally can get some REST!!!

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