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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mini update life...I thought it'd be good. It WAS kinda enjoyable but a bit shortlived though, and here I am fighting again for my last hurdle in this place called UTM.

Friday's gonna be the start of my first paper for the final exams. Then Saturday. Then it's liberty day. Oh darn, I forgot, have to start writing my thesis too. Yup, I'm starting from zero whereas some other people have already completed theirs. Serves me right for being a lazy slacker. Looks like I have to conjure up 70 pages in 2 days time.

On the bright side, writing's never been problem for me, so why not sit back and relax while you can do it last minute. Yea, that's gonna be my new motto.

I heard a friend say today, that since this will be our last finals, we should cherish the time spent studying. Funny how I don't have that kind of feeling. Don't feel like studying at all, in fact. Just wish all of this would end and I can go for my holiday.

*Daydreams for a while*

Wake up slacker! Time to studeeeeeeeee......

Omg it's already 4.10 am. Need to sleep first.


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