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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

People Who Should Be Shot


  1. The people who invented typing. Typing is driving me nuts. While I'm at it I might as well go on to the people who muttered the first coherent word. No speech, no langauge, no writing so no typing, get it?
  2. The people who invented the semiconductor. I know I sound ungrateful, being an electronics engineer and all that, but they sure made my course here tough as hell! Arguably we'd be still working with vacuum tubes if it weren't for these guys. But then there'd be no computers as well, so I'll give them a skip.
  3. The people who invented thesis writing. He who suggested that undergraduates need to write a 70 page long report that chronicles the lunatic projects that we've undergone deserves to be prosecuted!
  4. The people who invented deadlines. Dead...line. Which part of the word don't you understand?
  5. My supervisor.

Added: Them fucking cops who keep asking for bribes. May they be condemned to eternal damnation.

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