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Sunday, April 30, 2006

JB Food Log - Alam Seafood Restaurant

Phew!!! Just finished packing most of my stuff. Wasn't really keen on it but I didn't have any choice since the lorry would be picking up my things tomorrow morning. I'm bringing all my furniture back thanks to dad who managed to find someone to transport it.

Anyway, had some great meals today. Lunch was at IT Roo but I don't have the pictures yet so I'll post about today's dinner first. I nearly turned it down cos was really to darn exhausted after an afternoon of rummaging and packing.

So dinner was at Alam Seafood Restaurant, located at the most 'ulu' place I have ever been in JB. Actual location is near Perling, in fact not far from the Mana Lagi restaurant that I wrote about earlier.

Well let me state that it was my first time there too...and I'm not really a big fan of seafood. Why? Blame it on the geographical location of my hometown, which is incidently situated further from the sea than any other place in Peninsular Malaysia. Seafood was never a frequent dish for our daily meals back then.

The gals choosing the dishes, which were ALIVE in the aquarium!

The people who went....minus yours truly as the photographer. The coconuts make me think of Kenny Sia, I wonder what he would comment about the size of them relative to his you-know-what.

Me and Gurl. She was the one who brought us here.

Me and Elaine. We were posing as the 'black and white collared-gang'.

The dishes were quite good IMHO. We ordered some lala, 'zuk tan' (longish-looking clams), a dish of veggie, specialty tauhu, fried sotong and also 'shek pan' fish which was steamed. The dishes came in considerable portions, we nearly couldn't finish the sotong. As I said I'm not crazy about seafood, but word from my friends, who are seafood buffs, was that the dishes were fresh.

The bill turned out to be a little over RM170. Not overly expensive considering the coconuts already cost us 28 bucks.

I dunno what the gals were pointing at, seriously.

After the dinner we headed on to Danga Bay for some refreshments. Turned out that the band playing at Beach Club was not as good as the previous one so we didn't stay long.

Attempting to do an artistic shot...and failing miserably.

A great night out, although a tiring one :)

PS: I haven't included the details on how to get there cos I kinda suck at drawing maps, unlike KY. But if anyone's interested just drop me a message.

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