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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Changes to lifestyle

I've decided to come up with some "changes to lifestyle" as recommended by some prominent politicians of our beloved Bolehland due to the recent hike in toll prices, petrol, electricity tariff, chicken...hell almost everything. And here I'm sharing some ways of reducing your electricity bills, just so you happen to be in the 60% of households that are affected.

Sleep without turning on the air-conditioning. As an alternative, try using a fan. No not the wall or ceiling type because that would consume electricity too; I mean the FAN, just like the ones you saw in the Geisha movie. Additional benefits: tones the muscles in your arms. Insomniacs can probably fan themselves to sleep.

Get used to bathing in the dark with cold water. We live in a tropical country so who needs hot water when it's 35 freaking degrees outside? Instead, use unheated water and bathe ONLY during the day. And you'll probably be more pleased with yourself when you look into the mirror; natural/dim lighting does wonders for self-confidence.

Refrain from any form of ironing. Dump the iron altogether or you could substitute it with the old charcoal-powered antique type, that is if you can find one. Saves the weekly hassle of having to iron out your shirts and skirts. Additional benefits: makes your wife happier and gives you an excuse when you show up in the office with a wrinkled shirt.

Stop watching the TV. TV is EVIL. It's a good thing to turn it off if you don't want your kids to be gun-toting Arnold-wannabes when they grow up. That includes the Discovery channel. How would your child feel when they find out that they're the product of your rendezvous in bed? They don't call it the idiot box for no reason.

Introduce a Fridge-Free week to the family. On alternate weeks, clear everything in the fridge and proceed not to use it. That will ensure that the family only eats FRESH food, not some frozen blocks of meat that belonged to a poor animal butchered decades ago. Also ensures your fridge does not turn into a garbage dump. Oh, and don't forget to switch the power off.

During these times, a spartan life is a good one.

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Remember, it is not the government's fault that the cost of living is rising. It's totally OUR fault because the last time I remembered, in democracy, THE GOVERNMENT IS THE PEOPLE! Shame on us.


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