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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Beating the jam for X-Men

I spent nearly three freaking hours caught in the notorious KL jam today. What a taste of the life that's about to come. Three hours of my life...gone, just like that. Must've taken a very powerful witch doctor to concoct a jam of this proportion. Or some very dumb politicians.

Worse still, I was driving a car with manual gear shift. Now I'm desperately massaging my thighs and bum with hopes of them having some feeling again. I swear that my next car will be either be an automatic and I'll be chauffeur driven for the rest of my life.

The good that came out of today's tragic adventure was that I caught X-Men: The Last Stand at the cinemas today. There may be some spoilers ahead so skip the rest of this post if you've yet to watch it.

Triple X...I mean X-Men 3.

X-Men 3 was a quite a good movie, compared to the sinking Poseidon and the weird Tom Hanks hairdo in The Da Vinci Code. Nevermind that I had to endure the traffic, it was well worth the watch with some superb performances from the cast. Storm's got real battle-worthy (check out the lightning-from-fingers scenes) and Wolverine is forever cool, plus Jean Gray reappears with some serious rage issues. And I'm glad pretty-boy Cyclops got disintegrated early in the movie, never really liked him. Throw in some new characters with uber cool powers and you get a perfect mutant movie.

The one thing that really surprised me was that they killed off Professor X and 'cured' Magneto's powers. I mean, how could they? These two were probably THE most important characters in the movies, though I didn't take a liking to the kind professor during the first two installments. Ian McKellen though shines as always as the I-like-to-play-with-cars-Magneto. The show-down between Ice Man and Pyro, and between Storm and Callisto are also to watch out for.

As the movie ends it seems like peace has been restored between mutants and humans, and everyone lives happily ever after. There's a little surprise though right at the end, where Erik (the now human Magneto) shows that he still has some of his powers left. And we're left to wonder if the professor will ever return with a scene after the credits (yes, don't miss that like I did).

Highly recommended.

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