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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Internet addiction

You know you're addicted to the Internet when:
  • You see anything resembling a computer and feel like you've just met the most beautiful woman in your life; you just wanna go up to her with hopes of turning her on and getting connected.
  • You constantly bug a friend (whose place you are staying at) to get you to see a friend of a friend, who's an aquaintance of his friend just so you can use his PC to get online; otherwise you'd label him a neanderthal and would never visit him again in your entire lifetime.
  • You hear voices in your head asking you to get a gun so you can rob a bank in order to get a broadband modem, not to mention to hold up some hostages at the nearest Telekom office, requesting that Streamyx is installed or else everyone dies; exorcism won't work and you know it's something more powerful than the devil himself.
  • You come up with all sorts of excuses to your girlfriend who's crashing at your place that you need some 'alone time'; usually happens late into the night when you're sneaking off to get your dose of Internet instead of performing your manly duty of tucking her into bed.
  • You experience withdrawal syndrome which usually presents itself in occurences of mutterings of the words 'net', 'blog', 'email' and 'msn', in no particular order; coupled with clicking and typing motions when the nearest mouse and keyboard are 20 miles away.
  • You actually start writing a diary cos you can't access your blog.

Thank God I DO NOT have all the symptoms above.

PS: Will be back to blogging soon.


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