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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

JB Food Log - Dragon View Porridge

Last Saturday when Gurl and I got back from Singapore after church, we decided to have dinner at JB. It was already 10pm when we crossed the Causeway over to JB and our stomachs were already threatening to go on strike.

So we stopped by at Dragon View Restaurant (龙记) near Kompleks Lien Hoe (Taman Sentosa area). This restaurant is famous for its porridge dishes. Their specialty is frog porridge (宫保田鸡粥) but they do serve other types of porridge dishes as well.

Being a little short on cash after the Singapore trip (everything there is damn expensive...even MRT fares), we opted for the fish porridge (宫保鱼片粥) rather than the frog. The frog porridge dish costs RM11 per person while it costs RM7 for the fish. Plus you get more chunky pieces of fish meat instead of the meagre flesh on the frog.

Gurl waiting impatiently for her meal.

Dinner is served...

Close up of the fish. It's cooked 'gong bao' style so it tends to taste a bit salty.

But when mixed with the porridge, BEST!!!

Other types of dishes include prawn porridge, but I'd recommend the frog as it is very delicious especially on a chilly day. For those who don't eat frog, you can try out the fish instead.

The place is open up until a little past midnight if I'm not mistaken. Good place to fill up for dinner or even supper.

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