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Friday, May 05, 2006

Desaru Trip (Part 2)

Here's the second and last installment of our trip to Desaru.

So after a 'good' night's sleep which lasted no more than 4 hours, we were up at 6am the next morning. 6am/0600 is like a magical number for me...I've never seen those digits more than a few times in the past 5 years. Should've tried my luck at 4D/Toto that day though I'm not into gaming.

Why the early rise? Beats me actually...I was just following orders. 6 would be too late to view the sunrise, and it'd be too early to have some decent activities that required sufficient light. I was experiencing fatigue (being one the drivers the previous day), and could barely get up without any protest from my aching muscles. But then you don't complain about those when you're on a group trip right? The sentence for complaining is total isolation and potential boycott from the gang. Oh well, since I was already up, I joined them for a morning walk on the beach.

My efforts to crawl out of bed did not disappoint me. Indeed the beach at dawn looked wonderfully serene and calm. The tide was low though, and the shore line was further than usual. We took off our slippers and strolled in the wan light of the emerging sun. Treading on the fine, blackish sand gave us a rare sense of satisfaction. The sea water was a tad warm and it surprised me as I expected it to be freezing cold.

The gals, victorious beyond the rising sun.

We look like we're holding the sun in its huh? I really like this pic.

All this while there were still some guys left sleeping in the chalet. After much difficulty we managed to wake them up, though one remained stoned in the bed. Must have wanted to maximize the 23 bucks he paid for the accomodation.

So we gathered at the beach again to play some games. Sam and Gurl were the gamemasters and they came up with a few interesting games to keep us occupied. One of them involved balloons and butts. Basically the guys were to blow the balloons and the gals would attempt to squash them with their posteriors as fast as they could.

Why do us guys always have to do the hard work?

Anyway we switched roles later and it was our time to have some fun bursting balloons. A soccer match followed, with Shin Huey scoring the solitary goal thus giving our group victory over the other. After that everyone was pretty much spent but not wanting to waste the time, we continued with 'monkey catch ball', a primitive game that most people have played in their primary days (except for those with a deprived childhood).

This was what we looked like after all the running, throwing and catching. Playing monkey sure ain't easy. Perhaps Darwin might have been wrong to assume that we evolved from the same family. We should've been categorised in the same family as sloths for all I know.

After showering and packing up our stuff, it was time to say goodbye to the beach. It was then that we noticed there were dozens of wild monkeys hanging out near our chalets. Maybe they were hoping we'd feed them but, sorry mates, sign says NO FEEDING WILD MONKEYS so unless you're on a leash I can't give ya any food.

So we bade farewell to Desaru beach and started the journey back home. There was an unexpected detour however, and it did delight us much. We made a visit on the way to Desaru Fruit Farm, a place promiting agro-tourism where you can tour the fruit farms and sample some of the produce there.

We opted for the buffet package which included a guided tour of the farm and a fruit buffet. Yup a buffet consisting of organic fruits, all for 25 bucks. It was well worth the money as we were fascinated by the farm and the facts that guide presented to us. Now I know how to pick the best jambu hehe.

Fruits, fruits, and MORE fruits!

There was a freeflow of fruits during the buffet, whatever we wanted was cut and served right away. The fruits tasted delicious though the variety is limited. Best time to visit this place is during July, according to the guys there, cos that's the fruit season period.

Random snapshots of us enjoying the buffet.

Gurls lips got a natural hue of red courtesy of the dragonfruit. They use the stuff to make lipstick, according to our guide. No kidding!

After spending 2 hours at the fruit farm, it was time to continue our way back home.

And so our trip to Desaru came to an end. I dunno bout the others but it was enjoyable time for me. A well deserved holiday, it was. In the end, it costs us only 75 bucks each for the entire trip; very economical and fun too.

Group photo before we left the beach. Finally I get to be inside. Thank God for camera timers.

Still recuperating from the fatigue now. After that it's time to pack up as I say a final farewell to this place I've known for 5 years.

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