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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Desaru Trip (Part 1)

After getting some long-needed sleep (like what...12 hours?), now only I have the strength to blog about the Desaru trip. It was my first time to Desaru actually. Yep, 5 years here and I only go when I'm about the graduate. At least I'll live to tell that I once visited the beach there.

It didn't start out very well I must say...we planned to leave at 2.30pm but in the end launch time was postponed to about 5pm. Wtf happened during the 2 and a half hours in between? That you'll have to ask those who were LATE.

Our first stop while waiting for the rest of the convoy (we went in four cars) was at McD's along Jalan Pontian. Those whose pictures are not in there take note, PUNCTUALITY IS A VIRTUE!! And I won't be inviting you to my wedding dinner.

It took us almost 2 hours plus to get to Desaru Chalet Resort, the place where we'd be putting up for the night. The guy at the reception counter wasn't very helpful and kept acting high almighty as if he was the king of Desaru. Fucker.....if it weren't for the cheap rates we wouldn't have been there at all. In the end we settled for 2 rooms (for the 15 of us) at RM160 each.

Needless to say, it was dark by the time we got there, so getting wet in the sea was a no no. And since everyone's stomachs were growling loud enough to attract the sharks, we wasted no time in setting up the BBQ pit.

So the gals prepared the food and the guys got the fire going. Being the egomaniacs, the guys were in charge of bbq-ing the food so that could boast about how good they tasted later. The gals, being gals, sat aside patiently fiddling with the uncooked sausages waited to be served.

Working with an empty stomach...still everyone looked cheerful.

Gurl even brought her ATP3's for some serious blasting. Just to liven up the atmosphere.

We had sausages, meatballs, chicken wings...the stuff you'd have for a typical BBQ that would make your voice disappear the next day. Plus some ikan pari, potatoes and otak-otak which, as weird as it seems, didn't contain any fish but mostly flour and flavouring. Thumbs down for the otak-otak, give me a Muar variety any time.

The chicken wings and fish tasted great though. I'd say both the guys and gals played their parts; the gals in shopping for the right type of foodstuff, and the guys for doing what they're good at best - roasting and boasting.

Savouring the fruits of our labour...

LIVE TO EAT....our motto of the day.

Group picture with nearly everyone in it. Again yours truly is sadly excluded due to the need for his photography services.

After satisfying ourselves with the food, we went for a walk along the beach. It was just in front of our chalets but it was dark as hell and our flashlights were our only source of light. The sky was filled with stars, making it a romantic (horny?) moment for the couples...

...who got caught in the act.

And also for the the rest of the gang...

The brokeback pair (names not revealed to protect the innocent).

After that all of us were too tired and hit the showers before going to bed.

(End of Day 1...will be continued if the broadband connection doesn't get cut)

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