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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Elaine turns 23

Yesterday night we celebrated our former faculty queen Elaine's 23rd birthday. As usual, most of the coursemates turned up at Singgora for the get together cum birthday celebration. There was a photo frenzy with the birthday gal, some of the pics are posted here.

Me and birthday gal. They say we looked like a couple. Do we? :D

Snapshots of the birthday song session.

Peace! Don't be jealous cos I'm having my birthday party...

Elaine le poser extraodinaire. Is this alluring or what? And you know I don't mean the cherry...

After the celebration, we had some surprise 'station games' for her. Basically she had to overcome a few obstacles set by us in order to get a clue to the next station. Quek was in charge of the games, Gurl responsible for the slideshow finale (which made our birthday gal cry), and me, being the Dan Brown wannabe, came up with some noob riddles for her to solve.

One of the riddles went like this:

Elaine you sure are good at songs,
To figure this out you must not be wrong,
Find the most intimate thing a guy has to wear,
R marks the brand, your clue is there.

This was an easy one, referring to one of the guys' Renoma underwear. Should've seen her rummaging through the guys' briefs.

In the end she managed to pass all stations and solve all the riddles, but not before having to gulp down 4 glasses of water as punishments for failing some of the tasks. You go girl.

Well since I'm posting this I might as well do some promo for her newly set up blog. Who'd give up the chance to read a gorgeous babe's writings? Go read and leave some comments now.

On another note, we're leaving for Desaru later for a barbecue. Will post about it when I get back.


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