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Sunday, May 07, 2006

100th post has finally hit the big 100!

To mark this this memorable event, which might be even bigger news than the fact that Malaysia lost the chance to regain the Thomas Cup (again! duh...), allow me the privilege to bore indulge you with some details of my blogging roots and how I came about with this blog.

It all started out on the 10th of September 05 when the blogging craze struck and I decided to try setting up my own blog. At that time none of my close friends blogged but I'd heard a thing or two about this phenomenon called blogging. (I just found out after watching I NO STUPID 2 that bloggers are known as 博客 in chinese, which sounds more like 'gambler' to me. But I digress.)

So my blog was officially created using Friendster Blogs. At that time I didn't think of blogging seriously but rather as a pastime, and I'd post whenever I felt like or had the time to do so. I picked the name "The Rammifications of Thoughts" cos the word 'rammifications' sounded cool. Apart from that I didn't want to get stuck with lame names like "My Thoughts on Stuff" or "Derek's Dairy" which sound as gay as much as they are passe.

My Frienster Blog was pretty rudimentary and straightforward; no knowledge of HTML needed and all you do is just write and publish. I've noticed though that the layout's gotten worse now, with ads and all that filling up the page space.

My old blog....still retaining the pinkish layout to commemorate Valentine's Day.

I tried to post as often as I could initially, but the steam just went off. I had 8 posts during the first month, and zero for the next. In the third month, November, I posted a grand total of one single entry. I guess that's what people call "hangat-hangat tahi ayam"...inconsistency at its best.

The turning point came after I joined the PELTAC Camp. I dunno why but after posting about that event, I caught the blogging bug again. Somehow the experience during the camp spurred me to continue with the virtual jottings of my thoughts. I've tried to vary my style of writing since, picking up a few tips from known bloggers such as Suanie, KY, Kim, FA, kennysia and the lot. Yeah, you have been my inspiration and I worship and kow tow to you gods and goddesses.

I officially migrated to Blogger on 28th of February this year, and was born. It was a pain in the ass moving all my earlier posts to my new blog, but it was worth it cos Blogger proved to be more customizable as I picked up some noob HTML skills to tweak the layout. I also joined a few blog-tals such as PPS, which I have been pinging since.

My Blogger blog before the makeover.

Since then I've been faithfully posting, as Kenny Sia once put it, sometimes for myself, and also sometimes for the readers. Of course, who doesn't like new readers? That's the whole point of a blog...if it doesn't get noticed, why put it up on cyberspace? Might as well stick to the old paper diary that lies yellowing in your drawer.

Blogging to me has now become a ritual. My blog is a place that I use to jot down the happenings in my life, as well as to give my occasional two cents worth on issues. I might sound sarcastic, cynical or crude at times, but that's just a part that I don't usually show in public, and which I'm sure, is present in everybody's personality. It gives me a chance to vent my dissatisfaction with life when all channels are exhausted, although it might not be the best way to do so.

Sometimes when I look at my blog, it gives me a funny sense of satisfaction. I love it when people give comments on my posts. Or even drop by and say hi in the Shoutbox. And there's always the thrill when I see an increase in visitor traffic. Which proves that the narcissist in me is still alive and thriving.

As I continue to 'grow' in the blogosphere, it is my secret wish to someday meet up with some of the bloggers listed on the side panel. Well, it's not so secret anymore so I'd better start plans to stalk them personally.

After all, it is much easier, isn't it?

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