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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

I reiterate: It feels REAL good to be home.

My daily routine now is pretty much explained by the pictures above. Eat, watch TV, sleep and repeat the process, with some computer games thrown in between. Extremely exciting huh? Gosh I'm afraid I'll be running out of topics to blog about with the laid back lifestyle. But still, I love the life here. Stress-free, work-free (except for some chores), food free...everything's free.

The only gripe is the lack of broadband here. And for the whole afternoon I was totally cut off from the virtual world no thanks to the ever competant TM Net. Guess I won't be updating that often until I get back to civilization again.

Today's the second Sunday of the month, so a big HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my dear mom and also to all the mom's out there. You've been the greatest mom and we love you. Coincidentally, it's also my sis' birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!! We'll kill two birds in one stone by celebrating together :)

Will be going KL tomorrow to accompany sis back to college. Tuesday I'm headed for Ipoh for our graduation trip. Well it's not as fantastic as we imagined it do be, but at least we're going somewhere.


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