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Thursday, May 11, 2006

JB Food Log - Taman Sri Puteri Nasi Lemak

Since I'll be going back home tomorrow where there's no broadband, I'm on a marathon posting spree here. So here's another one to add to my JB Food Log.

This time the place is a bit closer to Taman Universiti, which is good for the food-deprived students of UTM. There's no name for the stall actually but it's quite recognizable. It's located at the end of a row of stalls right after the Caltex petrol station in Taman Sri Puteri, and it serves the best nasi lemak in the area.

Nasi lemak again? I know I did a post not long ago bout 'fatty rice', but hey, the food is damn nice so I'm doing this.

The chicken served here gives you unhealthy thoughts about Chicken Little...

Of course, what is nasi lemak without the rice? It is GOOD!

The stall is run by a malay couple and business starts at around 6 up til 9 something.

I guess this will mark the end of my JB Food Log since I'll be leaving here for good. Sad to know that I'll be tasting all these wonderful food probably for the last time until I come back for my convo in August. Too much food, too little time...

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