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Friday, May 12, 2006

Driving on Malaysian roads

One trip home is enough to remind me how sick I am of drivers here in Bolehland. It's nothing short of a miracle that I'm home in one piece without a dent in the car.

I was driving on the NSE when this retard in a national car pulled up behind me. His car must have been 2 feet away from mine and we were going a little over 110 kmph. As if nearly eating into my butt wasn't enough, the fucker started to flash his high beams at me, which I presumed meant he wanted me to give way cos he was on his way to being reincarnated (as the chinese saying goes).

Normally, I would've cut into the left lane, but the thing was, right in front of me there was a series of cars, going at the same speed as me! The retard didn't seem to notice this and kept flashing his high beams, at one point even keeping it on for well over tens of seconds. This fella must be fucking mad, I thougnt. So what if I gave way to him? He'd still be stuck behind all those cars anyway. It's not like he couldn't gone any faster. Well maybe a few seconds. But what's a few seconds unless he's having a pregnant lady in the car who is about to give birth?

The government should seriously consider handing out driving licenses to people with an IQ of less than 50. Fuck, these people should be sent to mental institutions for all I care. Let them loose on our roads and all we get are rising accident rates not to mention the flourishing of tow truck companies and hospitals. These phychos should be put in jail instead of given a ticket which they can wave around at everyone. YB Chan Kong Choy, you should take note of this. Of course, you can thank me later for it.

The traffic cops aren't doing to help with the situation either. I was nearning the Pagoh exit when I was forced to come to halting stop. No screeching tires to make it more dramatic here, but it was a dangerous situation. Guess what, a road block had been put up in front, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY!!! Thank you, you stupid assholes, for obstructing traffic and holding up all the cars. And I bet you were happily accepting bribes all along...

This crazy mentality behind the wheel is too much. Not like I've had any driving experience overseas, but look at our neighbours the Singaporeans. Yeah so they do drive like nutcases when they're on our roads, but at least they're courteous when driving in their own country. Malaysia drivers don't give a shit, even if they're driving in their own backyard.

I should consider giving up driving altogether. Get myself a chauffeur and all that. Maybe a flying license. Anything to get away from the mindless lunatics that roam our Malaysian roads.


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