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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Friendster spam

I was checking my mail the other day after weeks of neglecting it. Being a Hotmail account, I expected it to be swamped with junk mail. The usual penis enlargement ads (what, no boobenlargement?), online gambling (I'd rather contribute to Genting, which incidentally pays its taxes to my hometown) and tons of other stuff with subject titles I never even bother to read.

Guess what, this time it wasn't the usual commercial junk. I think they'll have to create a new term/category for this - it's Friendster junk mail! Yup, I was being spammed by Friendster, or more accurately, a certain user of Friendster who happens to be on my friends list. Well let me first clarify that I don't really know this 'friend' of mine; it was she who added me first and since we were from the same hometown I thought what the heck, I'd add her. Just in case you think I'm this friend-flogging, blog-bashing asshole who can't take some light shit from friends.

If the picture is too small for you discern the contents, all the new mails scream "XXX has just updated her Friendster blog!!!"

I wouldn't mind if I received some reminders about updates to me friends' blogs. But when you get nearly 70 or so of these filling your mailbox to the brim, I bet you'd be as pissed as I was. And it was from the same person too. Either this girl must be a very prolific blogger-wannabe, or Friendster must have somehow gone nuts and accidentally spammed my mailbox. So out of curiosity, I gave this blog a visit just to see what was posted on it.

Well, nice layout and all but when I checked the posts, it surprised me to see what this friend of mine was writing. Ahem...let me translate some of the titles here. "Examining the 5 Lusts of Women", "The Secret of Foreplay - Letting Her Lean Back (or some shit like that)", "7 Sins You Don't Want to Commit in Bed" and so on.

An excerpt from one of the posts...

"When you've identified her secret garden, instead of stimulating her clitoris directly, why not use a finger or two to give her labia some special treatment. Slowly, patiently caress the two sides of the labia...inadvertly arousing your partner."

I know it's a crappy translation, but it makes me wanna hump a dog now.

Sigh, things people put on their blog nowadays.....


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