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Saturday, June 03, 2006

8 Things I'd Like To Do Before Starting Work

  1. Go on a trip to Egypt to visit the pyramids, immerse myself in the rich, ancient history that surrounds the magnificent structures. Also wanna have a look at King Tut...been watching too many Discovery programs lately.
  2. A tour of the places mentioned in the Da Vinci Code - Paris, London, and Scotland. Particularly looking forward to visiting the Louvre and get my chance at interpreting the quirky smile behind La Joconde. Also hoping to meet my own Princess Sophie...ahaks.
  3. Watch every single blockbuster movie ever to have been made in a super-widescreen theatre with Dolby Surround sound system, without having to endure the cinema-morons who are capable with coming up with all ways of annoying you.
  4. Go on a shopping spree in Singapore with unlimited credit. It's the great Singapore Sale! Too bad I'm not in JB...wanna get my hands on the Creative Zen that they're offering for half price (foreigners only).
  5. Meet up with every prominent blogger in the local blogosphere. Favourites include Suanie, Fireangel, Kim and the list goes on, though the possibility of setting up a meeting with them is slim. I mean, who'd wanna go out with a blogger nobody like me? :p
  6. Go Muar to spend some time with Gurl...and to savour the delicious food there. Would also like to meet up with some Muar bloggers that I've got to known over the months.
  7. Repeat all the items above for an infinite amount of times.
  8. Find some hidden treasure buried in the mountains so that I'll strike it rich and won't need to work.


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