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Sunday, November 12, 2006

I saw the devil in Genting

I was up in the City of Entertainment during the weekend. Just for the fun of it.

Weather wasn't too good though. Most of the time it was raining...which made the usually-tolerable climate really cold. And it didn't help that I was only wearing a thin layer of fabric and sandals.

I walked around First World square. No sales, no movies...just hoardes of tourists (isn't it still a schooling week?). Came across a young girl in costume who could balance bowls on the tip of her feet, upside down.

Also came across a guy (I presume) in a female elephant's costume who went around acting cute and making babies cry.

And then I spotted something familiar...

Omg the devil!

I bet (s)he went cheap this time and skipped Prada for some unknown brand.

Genting is so fun, and I am so in need of improving my fake enthusiasm skills.


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