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Monday, November 06, 2006

Say cheese

I was MIA for a weekend getaway. Before the trip, Gurl half-persuaded and half-coaxed me into buying this.

Panasonic Lumix FX3

It never occured to me to get a new digital camera after my purchase of a handphone not long back. Although my Pentax Optio 33L was considered an old giant in this age of ultra-compact digicams, it was still doing its job quite well.

Well, at least with the FX3, I no longer have to worry about space when carrying my digicam around. Other than looking much sleeker than my current model, it also fits into my pocket nicely. And black is the colour, no?

The picture quality was very good when transferred and viewed from my PC. I particularly liked the optical image stabilizer; it comes as a valuable feature in this baby. Taking pictures indoors under low light conditions no longer seem to be a big challenge.

Total damage: RM1257 for the entire package including a spare battery, casing and screen protector.

More to come about my trip and some sample shots using the FX3. Stay tuned.

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