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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Recreation plans

I've been spending some 12 hours at the office for the past few days working my ass off. Being a product engineer sure ain't easy, and it definitely isn't beneficial toward my mental health / work-life balance / whatever shit the psychologists like to call it.

Hence I have in my mind a few activities scheduled for the coming weeks to compensate for the hectic working life.

  • Parents are coming down to KL this weekend, nothing special about that but this time they're spending one night here. Huhu spending one night at a HOTEL mind you when home sweet home is just barely an hour away. Damn those vacation clubs for imposing a one year validity period for hotel stays.
  • Will be going for an outing in Gua Tempurung with colleagues. We're taking the one day tour yay! Initially planned to go this week but the event was postponed due to unforeseen meteorological reasons. Damn the haze and the parties causing it.
  • Trip to Damai Laut Resort Lumut with Gurl. Sort of a little present for our anniversary, since I didn't buy anything for her this year. Looking forward to visiting the place again, I had such a great time the last time I was there. Sun, sea, surf and your does not get any better.

During this period of time I expect my frequency of posting to be less, so please have some sympathy for this blogger and do come back to visit even though updates are seldom. (Better still, you could donate to my "Sanity in Check Fund")

Hey, everyone needs a break ;)


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