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Thursday, September 28, 2006

How intelligent are you?

Today while waiting for my turn to use some equipment at the production floor, I took an IQ test for the sake of easing my boredom.

IQ, or intelligence quotient, was created as a tool for evaluating the mental maturity of children. The median value for IQ level is set at 100, with the 'normal-range' around 90 to 110. Which means, if you fall out of that range, you're either an idiot or a genius (or both, depending on circumstances). Interestingly, half of the world's population have IQ levels less than 100.

Though the results from the test may not be conclusive enough to serve as a formal reference (it is an internet quiz after all), I think all employees in my company should at least give a shot at it, just to let them know where their intelligence levels are. It could serve as a filter for potential hires. Heck, it could even be used for appraisal purposes.

Engineers with IQs of less than 80 should be fired instantly (and I know there are a bunch of them who are that intelligent). In between that and 110, perhaps leave them with some unimportant tasks and let them remain as a grade 1 engineer for the rest of their lives. Slightly higher than that? Ok maybe promoting an extra one or two low level managers wouldn't hurt the organization.

Those who are above 130...these are the people that the company should be taking care of. Shower them with lavish gifts, annual bonuses in the 6 figure range, infinite allowances for any category they can come up with, bungalows, maids, mistresses whatever's out there that the rich people are having. Now that would be what we call 'tapping into human resources'.

Plus all of this could be determined in a less than an hours time. No more annual goals and appraisals. No more office politics to see who can muscle their way to the top. No more bickering between the smart and the stupid.

Think of how much the management will profit from this. The entire company will be one big peaceful organization and prosper til time infinite.

By the way, I scored a 130 :D


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