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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Selling your soul to purchase a car

My friend and colleague is planning to get a new car soon. He has a Vios in mind. Sometimes when I hear him talking on the phone about obtaining bank loans and all that financial stuff, it makes me feel envious and sad for him at the same time.

Fancy a Vios anyone? Now available at an irresistable price of selling your soul.

No doubt a car is a guy's ultimate dream toy. The average male species would tell you that if they had one wish, they'd ask for a Beamer or a Benz with sunroofs and DVD players over a hot babe with a sweet smile and sexy curves. In some cases, maintenence for a car may be even less compared to keeping a girlfriend. Having a fast car may help you hitch a girl or two, but having a wife definitely will not give you any benefit when purchasing a new automobile.

So you want a Beamer eh? Make that three souls and 10,000 karma points.

Of course, I'm a fan of cars myself, and dream of getting my own imported Japanese-branded vehicle one day. I actually owned one back in my secondary days, but how about getting one with four wheels this time instead of two? Personally, I like the Honda City with Modulo of the hottest cars for that price range, IMHO.

Let's be realistic and stick to something I can a couple of decades time.

But then, imported cars in Malaysia are so darned expensive. I could work my ass off repaying my car loan when my friends in the US or UK could probably buy a Mazda with cash. If you work out the maths, a RM80,000 car would set you back RM900++ a month for 7 years, given that you pay 10% of the price as downpayment.

900 freaking dollars. Some cops don't even earn that much for a living (and yet some are happily driving Camries and Accords). It really burns a gaping hole in your pocket but most guys, being guys, cannot resist the ego masturbation they get when they sit in their shiny new vehicles.

Logically thinking, I'd rather buy some property rather than pay for something that runs on four wheels. But alas living in the city means I need a car in good condition, and in a few years time, I doubt my trusty Iswara will serve me as well as it is doing now. And I really need something that does not involve any usage of the clutch whatsoever...Hey, it's the Klang Valley I'm living in.

Let's hope the company will do well and revise the annual pay increment and bonus giveout. If all goes well, and I strike the lottery or something, that City might be nearer than I think ;)


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