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Monday, September 25, 2006

Fifth anniversary

Five years ago today, on top of a misty mountain, a boy asked a girl to be his girlfriend. The boy was deeply in love with the girl, and did all he could to prepare for this moment. Alas, the girl refused, thus leaving the boy alone in the dark. Heart broken, the boy took one last look at the girl as she walked away and whispered her name softly before taking a plunge of death into the deep ravine before him.

But no worries, that's just an alternate version of history that could have happened to us. Have been watching too much of The Triangle lately and all that alternate dimension/parallel universe theory.

So this is what I made for Gurl.

If you think the drawing is childish, the colouring bland and in general, the card sucks, I would agree with you. But it's not for you, is it? So bug off, art critics.

The reality is, the girl accepted and they remain a couple to this very day.

Happy 5th anniversary, Gurl!


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