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Thursday, August 31, 2006


I dislike price hikes and inflation. But it does mean that our country is achieving some progress (based on my basic knowledge of economics), and it's making us work harder, smarter.

I dislike fundamentalists who preach crap about religon. But still I'm able to have my own beliefs instead of being forced to follow a single faith.

I dislike the fact that imported cars cost so expensive. But we still have Proton, and Perodua to provide us with cheap transportation.

I dislike the inefficiency displayed at most government offices. But better to get it done late than not done at all.

I dislike insecurity that one feels when walking on the streets in the middle of the night. But it does build up courage and and inspires us to take up self-defence classes.

I dislike being stuck in traffic jams. But at least there are still roads for us to travel on, not some dirt track where camels and horses come and go.

Of all the things that I dislike about this place, they have their own silver linings if viewed optimistically. Not one of them can overcome the fact that this is my home after all.

It's a place that my family has called home for 3 generations. And it'll still be our home for generations to come.

Happy Merdeka, Malaysia.

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