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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cheese tarts - absolute heaven!

I haven't had any entries about food for a while now. Reason is because I'm sort of stuck with mamak food during weekdays. Yes, it's the weekends that make my taste buds craving. So it's about time I introduce you to...

Cheese Tarts from heaven Bentong

The crust is rather crispy if eaten fresh or out of the refrigerator. And the cheese is just so dense that you can savour it in your mouth for a couple of minutes before it melts. With a hint of blueberry, you've got the perfect thing to indulge yourself in. Forget chocolates!

It was absolute heaven when I first tasted one of these delicacies. Plus I'm not even a big fan of cheese; Secret Recipe cheesecakes don't tempt me, neither does Cheesie. Well okay I take the latter part back.

They come in 6 per box, and at RM1.10 each, they're pretty much the cheapest thing out there that you can get addicted to. Pity you can't find these anywhere in KL. Authentically made-in-Bentong, that's what they are.

I've had a thought of being a distributor in the Klang Valley for the said baker. Seriously, where can you get such delightful pastries at such a price? I could hike it up to 2 bucks and I bet there'd still be loads of people coming for it.

Sadly, my entrepreneur skills have been put away since I started work. But if you happen to pass by Bentong town, do drop by Deli Choice Cafe at Jalan Chui Yin for a taste of the best cheese tarts.

I'm doing free advertising because I love their cheese tarts and would like to get a lifetime supply of them in case they notice this.

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