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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Smoke gets in your eyes

Latest excuses being used by people nowadays:

Schoolboy who didn't finish his homework

"But sir, it was the haze. You see I had this respiratory problem and was bed-ridden and my eyes got all teary so I couldn't see that's why I didn't finish the exercise for Chapter 4 although I really really wanted to, really!"

Employee who's late for work

"Boss, I know I'm late but I was caught in this traffic jam caused by some motorist who claimed he couldn't see the vehicle in front of his due to the reduced visibility. That's due to the haze, of course. Then BANG, the entire LDP was at a standstill and it wasn't really my fault."

Mom who's supposed to fetch her kid back from school

"Hey dear could you hitch a ride back on Johnny's car today? Since it's so hazy outside you know, and you probably don't want mummy to get sick and not be able to make you dinner. So be a good boy and find your own way back okay?"

Ah Beng who gets pulled over by the police for speeding

"Sir, sorry lah, not my fault this time ok? Sky is so damn hazy I can't see a thing ah really! So, didn't see the speed limit sign just now loh. Summore my gal fren ah here coughing all the way so need to see doctor. Give chance lah...can?"

It's back to haunt us again...

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