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Friday, July 28, 2006

Driving on Malaysian roads (Part 2)

Having some decent driving skills has really helped me survive the carnage we see on the roads everyday. Still, accidents are unavoidable. Nobody's perfect after all. Even if you have happen to be Michael Schumacher, you can't guarantee that the drunkard behind your car isn't going to ram into your bumper any time now.

I remember the first (and up til now, the only) car accident that I got myself into in PJ. For some reason (I still cannot figure out what got over me that fateful day), I was reversing the car and was totally oblivious to the Kelisa coming from the sidelane. It wasn't until there we felt a slight jolt in our seats and the sound of a car horn that we realized that we had knocked into the car behind us.

The first thought that came to my mind was, Shit, I'm in trouble now. Not only was I at fault, I was probably going to part with my much-needed money and maybe even get beaten up if I was unlucky. We were somewhat relieved that she turned out to be a college student. Apparently, she wouldn't speak much to us and asked us to wait until her parents came. So she launched into a lengthy chat with mommy or daddy while we waited, waited and waited.

After what seemed like eternity, mommy and daddy finally came. I kept apologizing to the driver and her parents, partly because I felt sorry for my mistake, and also because I didn't want to be slapped with a hefty bill for the damage caused.

And guess what, while I was saying sorry and all that, the driver started pleading to her mommy, trying to convince her that it wasn't her fault. Of course it wasn't her fault; if it was, I'd be doing the lashing instead. It was her coy manner that really pissed me off. There she was going:

"Mommy daddy, it's not my fault ok. So you're not going to deduct it from my allowance right? Please..."

Or some shit like that. If it were a 7 year old kid, fine. But for a 21 year-old? Diu. She was lucky she only got a tiny dent in her front bumper. I'd have taken her entire bumper off if I knew she was going to whine like that. Perhaps she would stomp her feet and cry out loud in the middle of the road. Now wouldn't that be an interesting sight.

Luckily the parents were quite nice, seeing I was a student myself and I wasn't a local. So I paid my dues and said farewell to daddy's girl. I considered myself lucky, but come to think of it, she was the lucky one. Imagine what she'd be in for if it was some ah beng with parang instead of a mild mannered uni student.

"Hey you, what did you think you were doing? Oh no, you've got a knife there, don't tell me...I'm so sorry, it's all my fault...Mommy daddy help! Some guy with a parang is coming after me! HELP!!!"

*Voice drowns in a cacophony of steel and flesh*

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