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Friday, July 07, 2006

Crap blog?

It's good to know that some people actually appreciate what you blog about. Well, to tell the truth, I don't know if anyone appreciates mine. Visitor numbers have been changing at the same rate but exactly the opposite way as the price hikes our nation is experiencing. Maybe it's because of my absence from posting and/or pinging PPS.

Speaking of PPS, I came across ShaolinTiger's post the other day about the quality of pings on PPS, and spent some time pondering over the issues that he brought forth. He noted that the quality of content on PPS has declined dramatically, no thanks to the increasing volume of blogs over the months.

As he lambasted the poor content, I shrivelled up in fear that my blog was one of those that fell into the atrocious categories. I'm just a small time blogger, and I do write some crappy stuff sometimes, but it's never a good sign if you find yourself being implicated (though inadvertly) in a negative way, especially when it's by a famous blogger.

So with some engineering rationale, I made my own analysis. For one, I don't claim to be a 'pseudo pro-blogger'. I have a day job, and blogging is just one of the many ways I use to take the boredom out of it. Blogging is a hobby, a means to express my feelings. I used to have Adsense, but it didn't make cents so I dropped it. Okay, first round I pass.

I dare say that the content of my blog is original, not some copy paste formula that seems to be the rage today. Blogging isn't like university assignments. Taking someone else's words and putting them in your personal blog is just like buying pirated DVD's off the street (not that I don't do that). Grammatical errors? I try to stay clear of those, but sometimes errors are inevitable. I am chinese educated human after all.

As for the multiple pings, I guess I might be guilty of that. At most I ping twice a day. Sometimes they're accidental, sometimes I need the attention. What can I say, I have a virtual inferiority complex.

So overall I managed to escape most of the attributes of a shitty blog, I think. But then the final verdict is not up to me. At best I can say my blog isn't a rip-off. It's just me, plain me.


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