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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mind your manners...please

According to a survey conducted by RD, KL was given the honour of being ranked…(drumroll please)…the THIRD rudest city among 35 other major cities all over the world.

I'm not being the unpatriotic one here, but it looks like Malaysians still have a long way to go when it comes to courtesy. Take for example this typical conversation that's a common occurence at one of the country's largest supermarket chains.

Cashier: "........*press press press*"

Customer: "Err excuse me but where can I claim the free gift for my purchase?"

Cashier: "........Fifty four ringgit thirty cents."

Customer: "Oh...ok. Here it is."

Cashier: "........*looks like a family member just died*"

Customer: "Wtf's wrong with you? Have I offended you somehow? Don't you cashiers have any manners?"

Cashier: "........*looks like the whole family just died*"

That's why I'm totally against shopping in The Store unless there aren't any alternatives available, and when I need to know I do not have the worst job in the world. Just a glimpse at those liveless faces is sufficient for me to feel thankful.

Another recent rude experience that I had was at PJS 1 yesterday when we dropped by a mamak restaurant to have dinner. After waiting for ages for our roti naan to come, I went over to the kitchen to ask about our order, and was greeted with this.

"Sini punya boss ada masa sendiri, tak sama dengan boss sana (restaurant owner). Kalau you nak cepat makan roti canai lah."

(In english it would be roughly translated as "Bug off")

Diu. This type of people should be condemned to the hells of the kitchen and never have the opportunity to face another customer ever. Same goes for every customer service representative that cannot comprehend the simple gesture of BEING NICE to the customer. What's the point of being in customer service when you don't know how to smile?

No wonder there's the radio ads teaching us how to be courteous. Even the DPM had to stand up and say something to save us from snobbishdom.

Where's the usual "friendly" and "warm" personality that has been give widespread publicity in recent travel campaigns? Where are the lovely faces we see on those Cuti-Cuti Malaysia ads? Where are the manners, people??


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