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Monday, June 19, 2006

Student life vs working life

I fetched a friend back to KL the other day. We haven't met up for quite some time now so we chatted while I braved the long and winding Karak Highway. It's not so winding to me but I dunno about you noob drivers...have you ever tried going at a constant 90, even at the bends? Now that's a challenge.

Anyway we were talking about working life and stuff, and it seems that most people we know are currently slaves to the working world. Luckily this friend of mine was just doing her industrial training, though she did experience similar pains of other employees. How I envy her for having one final year to go at university. Student life...ah those wonderful days of youth and indulgence.

It's always like that you know.

When you're studying and having shitloads of pressure during exam period, your mind always conjures up magnificent images of you sitting at the office with a cup of coffee and getting paid at the end of the month. You can't wait to graduate, and you can't wait to get your first paycheck. You're dying to get away from all the academic related stress and problems, wanting to be in the real world.

Then reality strikes and you DO graduate. Worse still, you get a job. And so hell begins.

You brave the inevitable jam to get to your office, having the same shitloads of pressure during critical project periods. The coffee's still there, but then you don't quite like it cos the water tastes funny. You get your paycheck alright but you can barely feed yourself without even allocating for entertainment with that meagre sum. Now you're begging to have the day off so you can get sufficient rest for once and hang out with friends.

Here's the REAL WORLD for you.

But that's just a hypothetical analysis, since I'm a newbie at work and work is hardly what I'm doing now.

Bah. The grass is always greener on the other side.

What do you think?


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