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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Security guard and the rage

I was walking to the car park this morning when I noticed that the carpark security guard (if there is such a post) was sitting awkwardly in that little claustrophobic cube of his.

A closer look and I noticed that he was actually sleeping on the job. Usually I would just take this as a perfectly natural, universal phenomenon and cease at thinking about it the moment I walked past. But things did get a bit interesting today.

Since I parked at the visitor's parking, I was required to hand in my driver's license for 'safekeeping' at the guardhouse. This in exchange for a carpark pass allowing me to park my car there and thus be shielded from the possibility of being stolen or broken into. On my way out, it was supposed to be the other way around.

So I drove my car up to the entrance/exit where the guardhouse was located, expecting the guard to get out and unblock the exit for me by lifting up the makeshift barrier. But not only did he failed to notice there was someone there (probably due to my car exhaust not being loud enough), the guy wasn't even slightly aroused from his slumber.

Not wanting to waste my time waiting, I came out of the car and walked up to him.

Me: "Hello, bang. Nak ambil lesen lah." (In a not-too-loud, polite manner)

Guard: "Zzzzzz....."

Me: "HELLO! Nak ambil lesen wei!" (Starting to sound like a crazed maniac)

Guard: "Zzzzzz....*mumble mumble with saliva dripping out*"


Guard: "Uh....uh........."

In a drunken stupor, he proceeded to collect my carpark pass with his eyes barely open. Then he went back to sleep, without remembering that HE'S SUPPOSED TO GIVE MY LICENSE BACK. Only after some screaming, stomping and a kung-fu kick to his chin persistant nudges did I manage to knock the sense into him.

Finally I got my license and got back into the car. Suppressing the urge to swear, I thought urban mentality must have seeped into my mind barely 2 weeks after starting work. But then, these people really should stop being high all night and sleep through the day. Untidy mop of shoulder-length hair, the look of being stoned 3 days in a row, sleeping on the job....all the classic signs of an addict. And there he was, looking after our drivers licenses. Can you imagine the hassle if he happens to lose mine while dozing off?

Does he deserves to be whacked, or do I need anger management classes?

Added: Yes that's about the most interesting thing that happened that day. I seriously need a life.


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