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Friday, June 16, 2006

Going home

I just finished training while STANDING for more than 3 hours straight. And in work shoes no less. My legs feel as though they're gonna give away anytime now. Swear I'm gonna bring my Nikes back here next week.

Didn't really pay attention anyway. All I could think of was what I'm going to do before the trip back home. Pack some dirty clothes, stop by at Giant, grab a bite, buy a cake (it's father's day!), hop on to the Federal and it's home sweet home.

I miss home already although it's barely 1 and a half hours away.

Have a good weekend people!!!

PS: Did anyone realize that I've not been posting any pictures lately? Reason is because my camera was with my parents for their Sabah trip. Hope I'll get it back this time. Or else I'll have to get myself a camera phone very soon!


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