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Monday, June 26, 2006

Classroom days are over...period

I passed my Six Sigma test...woot!

For the past week I've been attending classes organized by the company so they can waste less, earn more and conquer the civilized world...well at least the part that uses electronics. And it sure made me feel like I was back in my varsity days.

I'd sit somewhere near the back of the classroom, suppressing the urge to fall asleep while the instructor would keep going on and on about quality issues, failure analysis, comparison methods etc. The only thing different was this time each of us had a PC for our own use, supposedly for the purpose of getting familiar with the statistical software, but also, I observed, for our own personal use.

It's interesting, really. If I had any idea of how to use those techniques and apply them in my job scope, which I have none for the time being. I guess it's not a good idea to sign up for courses when you're barely 2 weeks into the job. But then it's a learning curve I have to adapt to...lots of new knowledge and skills to learn and get used to.

Anyway, it feels good to pass the test. The restless nights of studies, the stressful process of sitting for the test, the nervous waiting period, and the adrenalin rush when you know that you be truthful I DID NOT experience that, but still, it feels good.

No celebration for this one though. Now the work's gonna start. For real.


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