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Friday, June 23, 2006

Dinner at Chili's

I've wanted to check out Chili's Grill and Bar for some time now but was completely devoid of an occasion and also a companion to dine there.

But then it was a special day and Gurl was around to attend the "LeeHom concert" so we hopped over to the branch in 1Utama after I finished work.

Chili's is sort of like Friday's, an American styled restaurant and serving American cuisine. Everything practically shouts WE LOVE USA here, even the background music was western-themed.

One thing I liked about the place was the tables...they were tiled!

We shared the ribeye steak for the main dish as she already had a nibble before that. And a wise decision it turned out to be, as we were nearly stuffed at the end of the meal. We had the steak medium done, and it was delicious! I wouldn't have it any other way.

Also included in our meal was the soup of the day (mushroom chicken) and also the house salad. The chunky pieces of meat in the soup made it well worth the price.

The bill came to about 95 bucks, including our drinks. A bit too pricey for me but when the occasion calls, I wouldn't miss this place.

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