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Sunday, June 25, 2006

I got smacked!

I was checking on my blog's sitemeter the other day when I noticed a sudden surge of visitors. Clicking on the referrals link, I saw this...

See that most of the incoming links are from Then it hit me that my blog had been reviewed by one of the "bitches" there.

I don't know whether to feel lucky or not, really. Lucky because the reviewer, Charles (italk2much's newest member, aka "Asian Blog Consultant") gave me 2 smacks. Unlucky because I was too intoxicated to submit my blog for a review, knowing well that I'd be blasted right to Pluto or some other obscure planet.

The bitchings were mainly about how my blog title was spelt. I know Americans think they're the kings of the world, but hey, I'd like to stick to British English thank you very much. So shoot me if I have two M's in raMMifications. Long live the Queen!

Also discussed was my post about Chili's. FYI if you're a noob at currencies, people here in Malaysia don't earn in USD so that means 95 RINGGIT MALAYSIA. Thanks to Suanie for pointers on the exchange rate.

Want to know how I got smacked? Read it here.

Don't have any idea on smacks? Click on the button below to submit your blog for a loving review.

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