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Monday, July 03, 2006


The business of blogging can be a bit taxing on the body and the mind. I'm currently typing my entries with my laptop on the floor; without a table and chair my back's killing me.

That's the body part. The mind? Oh well it's just that I've felt that my brain cells could be put to better use, even more since my workload is starting to pile up. Not to mention I have to start my perilous journey to find new muses so that I can keep posting in the future.

This coupled with my resolution to get some exercise after work. Exercise is good, yeah. Workouts are great. Lazing at home watching anime while eating a candy bar is even better. But I guess I gotta start burning some calories before I get a Michelin around my waist.

Physical, mental and recreational reasons PLUS the fact that I still have a few episodes of Bleach to finish off.

Thus it's due to all these nonsensical reasons that I'm contemplating a short sabbatical from blogging. There might be random posts from time to time, but most probably I'll be posting less frequently.

Til we meet again, my dear readers.


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