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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Superman's got a new nemesis

Move aside, Lex Luthor. Superman has a new villain to stretch his sexy red underwear with.



Name: Cleanroom Man

Also know as: The Clean Freak

Favourite tagline: With great cleanliness comes great eradicate dirtbags!

Special powers: Vacuum Punch (ability to suck up an entire garbage dump and pulverize the enemy in one blow), Detergent Torch (ability to spew insane amounts of cleaning solution from the nostrils and mouth to imobilize the enemy), The Scrub (ability to reduce the enemy to shiny bones using The Sponge)

Known weaknesses: Unable to tolerate bad personal hygiene, low resistance towards Cocka-roach, a bug found on the planet Cockaton, goes weak in the knees for sexy gorgeous (and clean) women

Sidekick(s): The Bunnysuit Hooligans

It'll be the Showdown of The Year!!


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