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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Smashpop pimps me...not!

So did anyone take part in the Smashpop's Work Your Brain Using Bloggers' Name contest?

I bet you didn't catch the first quiz that he put up. It was only up for like...30 minutes? The reason it was replaced by a new question: the first one was cracked in that time frame, and it was submitted by yours truly! *Kembang moment* The answer was Batman Begins, by the way ;)

Alas, I didn't get the fansign, since the organizer thought it was a bit of a putdown for the contest to end prematurely. The consolation that I got was that my name was plastered as a clue for the subsequent quiz.

Me: remember, i got the first answer correct...

Smashpop: aha

Smashpop: ur wan testing only..

Me: (like that also can?)......

Did it increase my popularity? I doubt it since there wasn't a link to my own blog. Anyway, to feature on the venerable Smashpop blog is already an accomplishment in itself, I guess :D


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