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Sunday, July 16, 2006

It's everywhere!

I noticed recently that these ads are being plastered everywhere in the city.

PREMIER tissue paper: It's everywhere.

Everywhere? How is that possible? I just couldn't resist doing some observations myself. So I devised a methodology, identified the locations I was to conduct my little experiment, prepared the tools and set out for my next great adventure to uncover the truth.

And guess what I found out.

*Gasps* I found one!

OMG it's true! Tissue paper's everywhere!

Conclusion: The statement seems to be true based on early observations. However whether the tissues belong to the Premier brand remains to be studied.

Hmm...kind of gives people the message that, wherever you go, be it streets or alleys, or sometimes even at home, you're bound to see tissue paper littered on the floor.

Another reminder for us to mind our manners?


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