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Sunday, July 23, 2006

I am a gym noob

Remember that I used to mention how I was going to adopt a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym more often?

Here's proof of it.

When I was just about to get started.

Well it isn't Fitness First or Celebrity Fitness or some fancy gym located in some fancy shopping mall endorsed by some fancy model who seems to be more anorexic than portraying a healthy image. It was the gym located at the 3rd floor of the apartment building that I'm staying in.

It's a minimalist kind of gym. A treadmill, 2 cycle machines, a stepper (is that what they're called?) and also an all-in-one apparatus to keep your upper body in shape...or at least I think that's what it does. Oh and it includes a leaky sewage pipe at the corner of the room, maybe to drive away wannabe gym-goers so management can save on costs?

20 minutes into the workout.

I tried the stepper since I've seen one of those in TV shopping ads back in the 90s. My assumption of steppers, thanks to those ads, is that we do not exert too much pressure on our knees unlike the treadmill. Don't know whether that's true but my knees were still intact when I was done with it.

30 minutes into the workout.

After I got bored of swaying my arms and legs in the air, I hopped on to the treadmill. Exercise is a mundane thing to do...especially when you're doing it alone and there's no MP3 music banging into your ears. I sure could do with a new iPOD. Throughout the workout, I went through some positive thoughts in my mind to keep it busy, such as these:

"I am going to stay healthy and fit, so I need to exercise."

"I will feel more energetic if I keep up with the workouts."

"I will attain an Arnold type bod so I can win the title of Mr Universe."

Anyway, I managed to stick to my resolution to finish at least 40 minutes of stepping, running, cycling and weight lifting, albeit with a little distraction coming from the swimming pool :D Being a gym noob, it's always a wise thing to start out with some short, light sessions, I think.

At the end of the workout. I'm wasted.

After the session, though I was exhausted, I could vaguely feel that the blood in my arteries was flowing smoother and I was looking better. Wishful thinking perhaps?

I really should keep this up more often.


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