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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I, Bookworm

According to this, the literacy rate in Malaysia is generally around 88.7%, which is not bad for a developing country. If you have any doubts about this, I suggest you could go around asking people who Siti Nurhaliza's future hubby is and at the same time find out where they got their source.

Yeah, 88.7 people in 100 would probably tell you they read it from the papers or the net, that 0.7 perhaps being a half grown kid who can't make up his/her mind. The remaining few will probably see the news over TV or some other media and join in the crowd asking "Why, oh why?"

Now you're convinced, you must be thinking "Hey, 88.7% isn't that bad. In fact, we should be damned proud of it! Put in in the record books, that's what we should do. Malaysia Boleh!"

Alas, our rates are even lower than our neighbouring countries (that of course excludes electricity rates, fuel rates, tax rates so on so fourth). Singapore's still up there at 92.5%. But it's okay, they're a developed country so it's alright if they whoop our ass. But look at this, even Thailand is beating us by being ahead by nearly 4%.

Hmm...I dunno how's Singapore feeling about this but Malaysia sure isn't in a good position when it comes to literacy rankings.

Hence I feel a certain obligation coming from within myself, me being a Malaysian. And it is with hopes that I share with you the news that there will be a Stock Clearance Sale by Big Bookshop at the Atria Shopping Center.

Again, in larger font.

EVENT: Big Bookshop Stock Clearance Sale
LOCATION: The Atria Shopping Center, Damansara Jaya
PERIOD: Now until the end of July '06

This is what I got myself.

Bookworm, I am. 3 books all for a grand total of......RM26!!!

Which might have cost me a fortune if I were to shop at the usual book stores. Notice that I wasn't too picky on my choice of titles, partly because some novels were unavailable, and some were just too dirt cheap for me to pass! So go on and pay a visit. It'll satisfy the book-craving you in you, I'm sure.

And there's your community message of the day :)


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