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Friday, July 21, 2006

Tough week

I am so in need of a break. A good, job-free, stress-free, fun-filled break.

For the past week it's been like hell at the workplace. One month of doing nothing training and learning and suddenly my counterpart decides to throw the whole workload at me. And so it's been a tough time for attempting to grapple with the sophiscated software and hardware required to get the job done. All this when I'm barely past my infancy period in the job cycle.

These days I seem to have developed an affinity toward bread. Wednesday's dinner I had bread, which I had no one to share with. Thursday's dinner, I had egg sandwishes, courtesy of cell members. Friday's lunch, which was just a moment ago, I had...guess what, BREAD again!

It'll be no surprise if they start calling me the BREADMAN, alter ego of CLEANROOM MAN.

Well, thank god it's Friday...looking forward to a fruitful weekend with Gurl.



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