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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ingeneur for hire

Most freshly-graduated engineers I know would probably be awed at the amount of cash deposited into their accounts at the end of each month. Those who got a job anyway.

Well they have reason to feel so. After all, after 4 or 5 years of living on the edge of poverty (that applies to local uni students, not the filthy rich who can afford college), they get their surge of excitement whenever it comes to pay day. Gone are the days of having to beg parents for living allowances and surviving on nothing but instant noodles.

And so they check their accounts, whoop in joy at the figures displayed on the screen, and right away withdraw a considerable sum of cash to spend it on themselves. Being young means they'd probably buy something to make them feel good. A new handphone, a new camera, or a new laptop for the geeks. For the girls, ah the items are endless.

After that little splurge in the mall they come to realize that there are still outstanding bills to pay. Rent, utility bills, mobile phone charges, car installments...the list goes on. They do some mental calculation and conclude that there'll still be money left after paying.

Now not forgetting the loans that they take, the honest ones would contribute back to the organization that so kindly funded their studies. The unscrupulous ones, god knows where they spend that money for but they spend it anyway. Scholarship holders? Those lucky asses.

Some spend the remaining money on their girlfriends, some rare cases on their boyfriends. Some get new girlfriends, some get new boyfriends, some get both.

And so those poor souls who sell their time to contribute to mankind's improvement become broke at the end of the month. Accounts are depleted. Attitudes change. Yet the vicious cycle continues endlessly.

Damn. What am I saying here? As if I'm the third party here. I am THEM!

I need a life. I need a salary increase. I need a big ass bonus.

Interested employers who are willing to fork out a 5-figure sum and unlimited benefits for the excellent services of an ingeneur can contact me at Serious offers only.


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