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Monday, July 31, 2006

My Walkman Phone W700i

I know people today change handphones like how often men change their socks. Yet I've been sticking to the same model for the past 4 years. Still loyal. Still supportive. Still unwavering despite all the colourful ads out there.

Yes, I was broke and couldn't afford one.

After 7 years of boring black & white screens and monophonic ringtones, I have finally convinced myself to get a new gadget to play around with. The money, of course, coming out of my future paychecks.

THIS is my new baby.

Sony Ericsson W700i.

Before this, I had a Nokia 8310, which was a replacement for my trusty old Nokia 3310, a product of exchanging phones with my sister, who in the end got my candybar Kyocera, which was a successor to my first phone, a Sagem.

She's been good to me.

So this is my fifth phone, and also my first Sony Ericsson. Wanted to stick to Nokia but recent models have shown a lack in novelty not to mention the unappeasing aesthetics and rather steep prices.

The W700i has all the basic functions of a camera/walkman phone - 2.0 megapixel camera, Bluetooth connectivity, music player, radio and other uber-advanced features that I will probably use once a year, perhaps even less often. I find it to be a great phone except for the lack of autofocus function for the camera.

I guess this phone will be my alarm clock, my communications tool, my music player, my camera so on so forth for the next couple of years. AT LEAST. Until I finish paying off for it, don't call me out because most probably I'll be eating instant noodles at home while caressing my new baby.

Now, about that job offer, I have yet to receive any encouraging news. Any takers?


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