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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Close encounter of the dumb kind

I am a little short of being stressed out at work. Damn devices just won't run without issues, just like toddlers yearning for attention.

When I was on my way home, fully expecting to get some inner peace and rest, I came across this unbelievably annoying couple. I was in the elevator when the two came in; Plump guy with the face of a retard that screams "Punch me!", whom I shall call Shithead for want of a better name, and his partner of the same physique.

You know that natural loathing of a stranger that grows in you, even when both of you cross paths only for the briefest moments? I had exactly the same feeling.

Shithead, as if not aware of his disgusting aura, was also emitting these loud chewing sounds. Well he might be from Singapore, since gum is a precious commodity there. Perhaps he wanted to fully enjoy the sweetness he never could have tasted in all of his 20 plus years.

Or he could be a fucktard. With no freaking manners.

Partner: What are you eating? (Partner must be of the low IQ category to match Shithead)

Shithead: *Chew chew chew* Chewing gum lah.

Partner: Do you still have any?

Shithead: *Chew chew chew* Hey look, this sign says only 15 persons can go into the elevator.

Partner: Uh huh.

Shithead: *Chew chew chew* Does it include hantu (ghosts) as well? I think it does.

Partner: Hmm...

Shithead: *Chew chew chew* I should add the word hantu to the sign...just to let people know.

And that was my cue to exit the elevator as hurriedly as I could. Not because I was afraid of ghosts of course, but rather due to my low tolerance of absolute stupidity.

Thank you, you shithead for educating us and making my day.


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