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Friday, August 25, 2006

Random rant

I hate people who don't really know you but go on to tell you about the minute and insignificant details (like how many time they shitted today) of their pathetic daily life.

I hate people who pester you to try out that online game (which sucks and is a total waste of time) when you're busy with your own work.

I hate people who can't speak proper english BUT go on rambling as though they know all the shit in linguistics.

I hate people who make insensitive and incoherant remarks about religion.

I hate people who have a funny laugh that sounds like a hyena while mating.

I hate people who have a funny laugh AND laugh at their own lame jokes when no one else thinks it's funny or amusing.

I hate 'em. Hate 'em all.

And it just so happens that all these annoying characteristics are integrated perfectly into one of the guys at my company.

If I ever resign within 3 months, it'll be because of the presence of these people.


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